Robert Kiyosaki: Ostrzeżenie autora Bogatego ojca o upadłości banków, Bitcoin jedyną opcją?

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad, said the US economy will not see a soft landing. He suggests buying gold, silver, and Bitcoin while the Federal Reserve officials anticipate final descent toward a soft landing, with inflation declining steadily and growth holding up.

Robert Kiyosaki Expects a Banking Crisis

Robert Kiyosaki joins other macroeconomic experts to predict that the world must not rely on US soft landing for an improvement in global economic conditions. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das asserts recent developments in China, Europe, and the United States indicate big challenges ahead. Don’t count on a soft landing for the U.S. or the global economy, despite an election year.

Kiyosaki claims financial losers will lose money amid another banking crisis and upcoming economic crash. He said most people do not know what to do with their money, citing an example of US Navy Flight School where “student pilots learn to fly and how to crash their plane.”

He recommends buying gold, silver, Bitcoin before banks fail and the world economy crashes. “Unfortunately the world of fake money is crashing and gold, silver, & Bitcoin are parachutes for your personal soft landing.”

Recently, Robert Kiyosaki cautioned investors about the current surge in the stock market, challenging perceptions of a robust economy. He said that the robust results from the “Magnificent 7” firms could be an illusion as they are backed by U.S. government funding.

Banks to Crash in Coming Months?

New York Community Bankcorp (NYCB) is again dropping on Thursday, reigniting fears of a bank failure and potential contagion to other banks. NYCB price trades nearly 4% lower at $4.30 in pre-market hours despite efforts by the lender to prevent bank run risks.

Billionaire crypto investor Arthur Hayes predicts likely bankruptcy of NYCB after a ‘junk’ downgrade by Moody’s and class action lawsuit by shareholders.

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